The various queries from friends coupled with the persistent clamor from fellow golf enthusiasts and business associates prompted the founder of the Company to put up a business venture that will respond and cater to the needs of his friends and business associates eager to enjoy equal rights and privileges not only to exclusive resident club members of Ayala Alabang Village but to other villages as well.

It was therefore on that fateful day of June 22, 1998 that the Company was established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) carrying the name “GOLFERS CLUB SHARES, INC.” (GCSI), a name that has since then been truly representing the very purpose and objective for its creation.

It was indeed undoubtedly the founder’s dynamic vision and leadership that has provided the Company’s direction and thrust which has led to its growth and success that has been time and again tested and proven through the years. The Company’s dynamic leadership is supported by the expertise, dedication and cohesive teamwork of its hardworking employees who value relationships based on trust, respect, honesty and unwavering commitment to render prompt and quality service to its clients.

GOLFERS CLUB SHARES, INC. (GCSI) is here to stay and will continue sharing its part and contribute to propelling the country to a more progressive economic recovery that will benefit the Filipino people.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We have integrated our Corporate Social Responsibility as part of our ideals and values on how we do business. It has helped us run our business more efficiently and has always guided us in our value-formation and enhancement.

Our Code of Business Conduct clearly defines our Corporate Social Responsibility which is anchored on our
commitment to conduct our business with utmost professionalism, honesty, excellence and integrity, in consonance with the highest norms of ethical standards and practices. More specifically, our Corporate Social Responsibility also includes our commitment to:

1   Integrate social, environmental and economic considerations into our daily lives, operations, activities and decision-making practices;
2   Get actively involved in civic and outreach projects and programs and in community development;
3   Remain transparent and honest in our dealings with our clients;
4   Uplift and improve a better quality of life for our employees through the implementation of fair and sound norms and policies for a cohesive and harmonious employee-employer relationship;
5   respect for the basic human rights of our employees and customers.

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