Manila Polo Club
McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City

 The Manila Polo Club history dates back in the 1900s when a true lover of Polo arrived in the Philippines and became Governor General, Commissioner of Commerce William Cameron Forbes. The Manila Polo Club counts among its polo enthusiasts some of the country's wealthiest people. In terms of its membership, assets and undiminished prestige, the Manila Polo Club is undoubtedly considered as Manila’s Premiere Club. Its members are mainly classified as the country's A-listers belonging to the influential and affluent level of the Philippine status quo. Political personalities, business icons and heads of mission make up the diverse yet unified body of the club membership.

It is a family-oriented club with services of all kinds for all ages (e.g. gymboree, library, salon, video and game shop,pro and convenience shops). Its sports facilities include polo, equestrian, and a golf driving range, despite there being no golf course.

Amenities/ Facilities
Transfer Fee or P 860,000.00 New Members (Inc. VAT)
  P 790,000.00 Capital Contribution since Sept. 27
Transfer Fee or P 200,000.00 *Member to his/her child/spouse/parent
Transfer Fee or P 550,000.00 *Member to another member's child/spouse/parent
Transfer Fee or P 224,000.00 *Member to a direct grandchild
Transfer Fee or P 28,000.00 *Deceased member to widowed spouse
Application Fee P 150,000.00 Inc. VAT
Monthly Dues P 4,500.00 since Jan 2014
Overage Dependent 21-35 P 6,500.00
For inquiries, kinDly contact us at:
+63.2.817.5655 / +63.2.8819.3560 / +63.2.8812.1066 / +63.2.7751.7982 / +6395.691.32063
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