Camp John Hay
Loakan Road, Baguio City

Take your game to new heights at an altitude of 5,000 feet above sea level and experience the challenge of one of the best golf courses in the Philippines designed by Jack Nicklaus' Golden Bear International to live and breathe through its natural beauty. This par 69 golf course embodies rolling hills, sparkling lakes, mature foliage and towering pine trees.
Camp John Hay also has world-class amenities, fine quality restaurants and a five-star hotel that promises five-star service for non-discerning members or guests endorsed by members.

Amenities/ Facilities
Transfer Fee P 75,000.00 
Entrance Fee P 50,000.00
Deposit P 25,000.00 Refundable
Monthly Dues P 3,100.00


Entrance  Fee P 50,000.00
Annual Assignment Fee P 25,000.00
Assignment Deposit P 15,000.00 Refundable
Monthly Dues P 3,100.00 (inclusive of 500 consumable)
For inquiries, kinDly contact us at:
+63.2.817.5655 / +63.2.8819.3560 / +63.2.8812.1066 / +63.2.7751.7982 / +6395.691.32063
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