Manila Golf Club Corp.
Harvard Road, Forbes Park, Makati City

Marksmanship and expert club choice are keys to playing well in this golf course. Long shots are risky, but will reward you highly if you are accurate. Comparatively shorter than most championship courses, it has all the features of a testy and challenging course, endowed with a rolling terrain and impeccable greens. It is sure to test your golfing prowess.

Manila Golf is the most exclusive, as well as the most expensive, golf and country club in the Philippines. It has an excellent clubhouse with its own pro shop selling the latest in golf equipment and a restaurant and bar providing tasty and quality food choices.

Amenities/ Facilities
Transfer Fee P 1,000,000.00
Entrance Fee P500,000.00
Monthly Dues P 13,440.00
Rental Fee 500K - 800K per year
Entrance Fee P 336,000.00
Deposit P 5,000.00 Refundable
Monthly Dues P 13,440.00 P2K consumables
For inquiries, kinDly contact us at:
+63.2.817.5655 / +63.2.8819.3560 / +63.2.8812.1066 / +63.2.7751.7982 / +6395.691.32063
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