Club Filipino
Greenhills, San Juan, Mandaluyong City

Club Filipino is an exclusive members-only social club and recreational facility located between North Greenhills subdivision and Greenhills Shopping Center in the city of San Juan, Metro Manila. Established in 1898 as an elite Filipino country gentlemen's organization, the club has developed a reputation for being a meeting ground for Filipino political progressives throughout its history Club Filipino was most notable in recent Philippine history for serving as the inaugural venue for President Corazon Aquino during the People Power Revolution of 1986 and as the location where on 9 September 2009, her only son, Senator Benigno Aquino III announced his bid for the Presidency in the upcoming 2010 Philippine presidential election after the latter's death on 1 August 2009 due to colon cancer, promising to continue the fight that his parents started.

Amenities/ Facilities
Transfer Fee P 15,000.00
Entrance Fee P 25,000.00 Individual
  P 50,000.00 Corporate
Monthly Dues P 1,500.00 VAT inclusive
For inquiries, kinDly contact us at:
+63.2.817.5655 / +63.2.8819.3560 / +63.2.8812.1066 / +63.2.7751.7982 / +6395.691.32063
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